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Hi, welcome to the Blurp - fun video sharing testing family

(Testflight link can be accessed via Blurp is far from your average social network. It’s an app that allows you to instantaneously produce raw, short video content and share it with the world. The power of creating is within blurp's incredibly fast-paced vibe, camera, community, and well―you! You have up to 90 seconds to film almost anything―whether you want to share a hidden talent, tell a joke, perform a stunt, or even film yourself doing something ridiculous at 4.a.m., we welcome it all! Blurp is built for everyone with simplicity and practicality in mind. We don't believe in fancy video editors, effects, filters, etc. We do however, believe that a lackluster camera is what allows you to capture raw content. But hey, if you're into utilizing fancy shenanigans, no one is here to stop you. You can upload your blurps with your funky edits as well! Building an app for everyone is hard which is why we've made virtually everything configurable. Not digging the bright colors? Switch to dark-mode to relax your eyes. Don't feel like scrolling? Activate auto-scroll so that you can sit back and relax as blurp automagically scrolls through your feed for you—there’s just so many configurations that'll allow you to customize blurp to match your taste! So come join us to watch and create fun blurps in a community that you'll love even more!

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